Felicia Ricci’s Singing Courses Goodby Forever Sale [Expiring Sep 30]

I have some good news and some bad news for you. Which one do you want to hear first?

Okay. The bad news first: Felicia Ricci completely stops her singing classes!


She’s moving on to the next stage. As she writes in her newsletter:

„…it’s time for me to fully step in to my new identity as a musical artist.“


Want to know more?


So, Felicia has revised her life again! And stops teaching singing altogether. Nice.

But what is the good news?!


Good News #1: Courses now available and on sale! (as of September 30)

  • You can still buy the courses all of September.
  • You can even enroll in the Singing Transformation one last time which has been closed for two years!
  • And you get huge savings.



The Lazy Singer’s Warmups

Belt Your Face Off!

Singing Transformation

I’ve purchased them all and love them. I know that many of my readers love different forms of creativity. Music – and especially singing – can be one of the forms we love. So if you’re interested, click here: THE „GOODBYE FOREVER“ SALE.

Maybe it’s time for you to grow your singing?


Good News #2: Original Music from Felicia Ricci

In the future, there’s going to be Felicia as a musical artist. And stopping teaching sining means that we get more original music.

Check out her YouTube channel.


Her first newly published songs:





So – isn’t it encouraging that we can change and evolve all the time? 🙂


Thanks to Felicia Ricci for the permission to use the pictures.




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