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Welcome to my logbook. I’m so glad you’ve come. It’s about creativity, self-development, multipotentiality, sensitivity, balance, and mindfulness. And it’s slightly bilingual.


The Queste – the creative journey of becoming ourselves

  • It’s about the inner and outer obstacles on the way to living your potential.
  • It’s about possibilities and dreams.
  • About books and videos by wise, fascinating people.
  • And about my own experiences.

The title is „Queste“ because this word is rooted in ancient times and especially sounds like meaning and adventure to me. They did it back then in the times of the fairy tales. Going on that Queste means you’re doing it, too.


Blossoming to full potential

I’m sharing my creative explorations and all the stuff I keep bringing home from my Queste. It’s all about blossoming to your full potential.

I hate the way that daily routine and stress often suppress our true potential.

Often it’s the inner obstacles that get in our way the most. If every part of ourselves heads in the same direction, circumstances on the outside can be changed for the better more easily.

Getting back to who we really are – exploring – healing – flourishing is what this blog is all about.

Then we’ll be able to share the precious gifts we have with each other as a part of the creative, healing, loving network we can be in – it’s possible if we become aware of having that choice. 


This is what you’ll find in English

  • There are some English blog articles. You’ll find all of them by choosing „English“ as a category. Or scroll down for the list.
  • Here are some media to download or listen to, as well as some of my favourite resources on the Internet.
  • And there is an About me.


Too many interests for one life? You might be a „Scanner“

I’ve always been interested in all sorts of things, and especially topics like creative expression of the self and a balanced, centered life.

Finding Barbara Sher’s Refuse To Choose back in 2009 came as an eye-opener to me and let me know – as it did for so many “Scanners” – that having so many interests is a wonderful thing! If you haven’t heard of it, please check her out. In case you have “too many interests”, too, it’s going to be a revelation. Here’s a video of hers on the topic: Are you a Scanner?

Not being able to live your full potential is something I find very painful, in myself and in others.

After spending two years in Barbara Sher’s Hanging Out program and one year in her WriteSpeak program I just want to stay in touch and share what I found out on this journey.

Read more about „Too many interests“ in this Scanner article of mine.


Do you feel too much? You might be a „Highly Sensitive Person“

About 15-20% of the population is more sensitive to impulses and sense impressions of all kinds. It affects every part of our lives.

A big Thank you to Elaine Aaron who brought this phenomenon to our awareness. Her book The Highly Sensitive Person. How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You came out in 1996 and continues to bring revelation to overwhelmed people. To find out more, here is her Website HSPerson and this is the Wikipedia entry on Elaine Aron.

Read more about it in this article in Psychology today: 24 Signs of a Highly Sensitive Person

I’m writing about sensitivity, not only for HSP people – I think we all need a way to take care of our nervous system and each other more than ever. Everyone needs this ability. Maybe the HSP phenomenon can bring help to everybody in an overwhelming world.


Life is a journey of healing

What do I need to have in my life so that I can live every aspect of it to my full potential? What makes it so hard? I want to thrive and blossom. And I want others to do that, too.

Part of this path means facing the shadows of life – the sides of our personalities or souls that we’d rather not have at all. Feelings we reject. Thoughts we think badly of but can’t get rid of, either.

Facing and embracing the shadows and our suffering means we deliberately go on our personal hero’s journey. That’s often the starting point to our journey. A journey of healing and achieving our potential.

That’s what I’m blogging about.


Where do you think your stage of the journey is right now? Which thoughts come to mind?


Slightly bilingual

Personally I’m German with German and Swedish origins.

I’m trying to do one English article a month. You can find them listed below in this article or by clicking the category English.

I’m giving you my favorite resources on the web which often are English.


About me

Jana Lindberg M.A., Scanner, writer, artist, adventurer of the mind.

I’m especially interested in sharing this with creative people who struggle with difficulties from their past. I know it’s possible to slowly transform these inner obstacles, to do some healing work and get the unique life you need to live your full potential.

I’m thriving on a model with a „good enough job“ (like Barbara Sher calls it in Refuse To Choose) as employed counsellor – using and pursuing all of my interests, passions, and hobbies in my sparetime. The life and career of my dreams.


I’m looking foward to your comments, questions, and emails. Please feel completely free to comment in English, I’m going to love it!


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See you,



Here’s the next English article: How to Become Your Own Hero.


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