3 Steps to Follow Your Dreams, While at the Same Time Taking Care of Your Balance

How will I ever get everything done?! If you are a curious, creative, sensitive person, you know this problem. This one gets us going. And we might very well get out of balance at some point in our lives, pursuing our dreams. Life might invite us to ask a second question: How can I thrive while striving for my goals? How can good health be part of the whole picture?

Especially for people who walk through this world with open eyes, there’s a multitude of triggers that can add to our stress level.


It would be nice to at least gain a feeling of things being roughly okay – a good-enough area for living. So that our fight or flight response isn’t triggered all the time, because if it is – how can we make our contribution?

We tend to think that taking care of ourselves is something egocentric (which means: not good for others).

Isn’t that odd?

Being caught in a poisonous situation with nowhere near enough self-care doesn’t make us more helpful for others, does it?


Encouraging each other to head for our dreams

We should encourage each other to pursue our dreams. In fact, it’s not only me who thinks that’s exactly what we should be doing. Ask Barbara Sher. Ask Seth Godin. Ask …

  • They might be creative dreams.
  • It might be the hunger for learning, for certain interests that fascinate us.
  • It might be the urge to make this world a better place.

Probably a mixture of these.


3 steps that strengthen your dreams and balance at the same time


1. Self-care

Taking care of your physical as well as emotional needs will give you the stability you need to unfold your potential and your personality.

Each little action counts!


This is how it’s done: Feel your body.



  • What does your body want from you?
  • What small step do you need for your wellbeing right now?

Now is the moment. Take this small action.


2. Emotional balance

Feelings won’t ever go away. We don’t like these immense Ups and Downs, especially not the Downs. Like panic, anger, depression (blocked feelings), hurt feelings of all kinds. You’re not asked to exactly like them. But we can learn to handle them. Okay, they suck. But they are normal. We’re all in this together.


This is how it’s done: Take three deep breaths.

The most basic exercise!

Do it. Right now.

Feel the calm.

You always have breath with you to do this exercise. All you have to do is think of it and use it, whenever you need it.

You can also do the whole 10-minute relaxation exercise on my Media site.


3. Be serious about your talents. Have fun!

It matters! You ought to use your talents.

We’ve been taught it’s selfish to foster our talent. But that’s not true!

The opposite is true:

It’s selfish not to.

And how do you know, what your talents are?


Here’s what Barbara Sher always says in her videos and books, and I love this so much I’m going to quote her over and over again:


What you love is what you are gifted at. It’s in your genes. You owe it to your species to make your contribution.

Barbara Sher


Here’s a video (4 minutes) in which Barbara explains her encouraging message.

You know you’ve hit target when something is fun to you.


This is how it’s done: Treat yourself! Do something you love.

Think of something you love to do. Choose one thing that’s available to you now.

So – how long will it take? As much as three minutes for a drawing, a song or a dance.

Take this action. This tiny, little action. Now.


See? You always have enough time for this!


By doing these three short exercises, you’ll bring dreams and balance together in your life.

Do them repeatedly and watch things get better.


Now, which is the most important word of this article?



Please feel free to share your experience in the comments below.

Yours, Jana 


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