A Painting Journey by Miriam Queensen

For those of you who are interested in painting and developing your art: I’ve found some interesting blog posts. Miriam Queensen (creative coach and editor) is sharing the painting journey she did in a live class.

Inspiration is a thing Scanners and artists get very excited about very often.

But for many of us, at some point we need to just hang on and do something and even finish something, when we really want to get out a product we really want to get out!


To bring inspiration to reality, we often need to keep on, however we manage to do it.

I think in the life of every creative person, this is a major point: „Do I really DO what I want to do?“

Do we follow our inspiration? Learn how to paint or draw, even if it takes time? Do we allow us the time to develop our ideas?


Keeping on keeping on, how does it work?

Barbara Sher always says: Join a support group. You’ll go there and meet people and do things. You’ll find new ways and ideas, encouragement and opportunities. Isolation is the dreamkiller, you need other people!

Julia Cameron suggests regular habits that you need to install in your life (such as Morning Pages, Artist’s Date and Walking). Her credo goes something like this: „Get used to DOING things anyway, no matter depression, discouragement or whatever comes to interfere with your way – because they will come.”



Taking a class

So here is what Miriam did: She went to this painting class.

„I’ve had a secret desire to paint for a long time. Fear has kept me from it.“

Does that sound familiar?

„Some of the fascination comes from my desire to understand the painter’s imagination — what made them want to paint THIS? … Most painters who are great at creating interesting abstractions first mastered their materials and techniques.“

So Miriam went to this class and started a picture. Painted. Changed. Learned. Painted. Changed. Learned. Painted.

Finished at some point.


Steps on a journey

It’s a down-to-earth, creative process.

It’s a journey.

And on the other hand, one step on the journey.


I especially like seeing all the pictures of the different stages of the paintings!


Very inspiring.

And very real.


Enjoy reading these three blog posts on Miriam’s Creativity Blog:

  1. Mind the Gap
  2. Work in Progress
  3. How do you know when you’re done?


What do you long to do? What’s your desire, your wish, your inspiration?

Which step would bring you a little closer to the reality of this wish in your life?


Yours in inspiration


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