Dare to Soar! Barbara Sher’s WriteSpeak Telesummit 2020 – February 8th – Lots of workshops and new books

Tomorrow, the Barbara Sher Telesummit 2020 takes place.

As you may know, I started the Queste Blog as a result of Barbara Sher’s WriteSpeak program 2017.

The WriteSpeak program teaches people how to tap into the source of what they need to bring into the world because it is their deepest need.

For me, this blog has indeed become my constant passion.


But the WriteSpeak program went on and on. And now it’s time again, lots of new books and course programs from interesting people with a variety of empowering messages:

Be part of it when tomorrow the Telesummit takes place – all-day workshops and lots of presents!

Saturday, February 8, 2020 – 11:00 am Kickoff


Barbara Sher Telesummit 2020

But let’s Barbara Sher say it herself; I received this invitation from her today:


„My WriteSpeakers have really outdone themselves preparing Saturday’s Telesummit.

They have spent the past year preparing to follow in my footsteps as authors and speakers with a message. Their wisdom and insights will blow you away. You really must hear them. And check out the books they finished in just one year’s time. After Saturday, you probably won’t be able to hear any of them for free again.

But on Saturday, February 8th, not only can you be part of their workshops—no registration required, just phone in or use your computer to listen—but you can also win great prizes and snag a bunch of bonus gifts just for checking out any of their books and courses.

The entire lineup is here: BarbarasClub.com/telesummit/.

Need an Idea Party to figure out how to go after your dream? (Maybe you heard about Idea Parties in my TEDx talk? They are amazing!) Well, there will be an Idea Party right in the middle of the Telesummit.

We’ll also give you a chance to ask questions about my WriteSpeak program during the Telesummit. I would love to be launching your book and your workshops next February.

I’ll keep this newsletter short and sweet, so you can go check out what they have planned for Saturday. Go right now and take a look: BarbarasClub.com/telesummit/. You do not want to miss this last-chance opportunity to hear this group with zero admission fee.

Barbara Sher“


So – are you in for the Barbara Sher Telesummit 2020?


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