Announcing Telesummit 2022 – the WriteSpeak graduation party on Saturday, February 12!

It’s this time of year again: The WriteSpeak Telesummit 2022 with great speakers and prizes and brandnew books!


The Telesummit, the origin of this blog

The upcoming Barbara Sher’s Telesummit 2022 is a great event: I owe Barbara’s WriteSpeak program the existence of my blog. I was in the WriteSpeak team in the telesummit of 2017.

  • On my blog, I write about what I learned from Barbara Sher; about Scanners and success teams.
  • I write about creativity, sensitivity, about loving life.
  • Barbara Sher really made me find my message and my fire; there are now 110 articles and counting. 🙂


So personally I can say, both the WriteSpeak program and the telesummit give you lots of inspiration to start through with new energy and awareness for your own direction in life.

🙂 You might find your tribe there, too.

See you on Saturday?


Here you go: Barbara Sher Telesummit


This is the program, packed with free workshops

11:05 am Get Your Dreams and Great Ideas Started Today
11:30 am Free to be ME!
12:05 pm 4 Week Goal Setting Experience—Living the Life of Your Dreams, Your Heart’s Desires
12:30 pm Highly Sensitive People and Empaths in the Workplace—Why Empathy Can Be a Superpower and How To Make the Most of It
1:05 pm All Serious Daring Starts from Within: Your Self-Care Journey
1:30 pm Rekindle Your Dream by Starting TODAY!
2:05 pm How Women Speak: The Professional Woman’s Playbook to being Effective and Feminine Without Losing Power!
2:30 pm Lead To Make An Impact
3:05 pm Release the Girls
3:30 pm Just Sit! How to ease into meditation without the frustration!
4:05 pm How to Be a Life-Changing Author and Speaker by Next February
4:30 pm Tell One Story at a Time

Plus lots of prize drawings and book reviews. You definitely need to check it out.

Love, Jana


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