Announcing the WriteSpeak Telesummit 2021 Saturday, February 6

This blog exists because of Barbara Sher’s WriteSpeak program. I learned the ropes and I graduated in 2017 and have been blogging along ever since. Now I have 95 articles under my belt and I never tire of writing.

Well – I haven’t published a book so far …

But others have! A whole bunch of new Write Speak graduates are presenting their work in the telesummit on Saturday, February 6, 2021.

You can listen to talks and take workshops all day long, for free. Oh, and win prizes. How about that?

I’m also glad that Barbara Sher’s precious work is going to be carried on by her long-term companions and co-workers in a new company.


Announcing Barbara Sher Online LLC

Let me quote its director Patty Newbold:

„A new company to continue Barbara’s Club, including Hanging Out, WriteSpeak, the Book Clubs, and the Survival Guide. And Sher Success Teams. And Genius Press. And all of Barbara’s blogs and Facebook Groups.

With Barbara’s Sher of the profits going to her sons through her Executor and Trustee.

And the same team you’ve come to know. I will continue to serve as the Director of Sher Success Teams, WriteSpeak Coach, and Webmaster, and I will add the title of President and co-owner of the new company with Barbara’s trusts.

Tammy Garver will continue to be your Guide for our Book Clubs. Registration for the It’s Only Too Late If You Don’t Start Now book club will open on March 11th.

Patrice Jenkins will continue to teach the WriteSpeak Teleworkshops with me. Registration for them opens this Saturday, February 6th. She will also join me in doing some of the coaching for the WriteSpeak 48-Week Course that begins on March 29th.

Doret Jordaan will continue her great work with Barbara Sher’s social media.

Rebecca Hyde will continue as bookkeeper and unofficial Historian, because she’s been here even longer than the rest of us.

Our first move: lots of free stuff for everyone! This Saturday, February 6th at the all-day.“


So here it is: the Dare to Soar Telesummit

„No registration required for the workshops, but be sure to check the website early on Saturday for the prize drawing sign-up form. And check the list of new books and workshops by WriteSpeak grads, because if you buy one during the Telesummit, you get a basketful of bonus gifts.

Do not miss the Keynote by Valerie Young if Impostor Syndrome stops you from pursuing any of your dreams. This is a rare opportunity to hear Valerie speak, and it’s free, in honor of Barbara Sher.

See you on the 6th!“

Are you in?


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